2020 Virtual Conference PowerPoints

Thank you for attending FLAA’s 2020 Virtual Conference! PowerPoint presentations that were made available are listed below. If you wanted a presentation that is not listed on the page, you will need to contact the speaker directly as FLAA did not gain permission to post their pdf presentation for viewing.

TeleAudiology: Where are We Now?
Presented by Suzanne Younker, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA

Audiologic Management of Misophonia
Presented by Ali. A. Danesh, Ph.D., FAAA

Who is a Cochlear Implant Candidate in 2020?
Presented by Sandra Prentiss, Ph.D.

Medicare’s Message to Audiologists: Deliver Value-Based Care
Presented by Barry A. Freeman, Ph.D. & Ian M. Windmill, Ph.D.

New Pathways to Care: How OTC Hearing Devices and Telecare Broaden Demand for Audiology Services
Presented by Brian Taylor, Au.D.

Hearing Assessment Without Direct Patient Contact: The Time for Tele-Audiology Has Come
Presented by James W. Hall III, Ph.D.

Florida Legislative Update
Presented by Julia Andrews, Au.D.

Alternative Revenue Streams in an Audiology Office
Presented by Noël Crosby, Au.D. & Al Turri, Au.D.

Audiology Care Delivery Channels: Expanding Virtual & Contactless Capabilities
Presented by Patricia Ramos, Au.D. & Susan Good, Au.D.

Implementing Balance Services Inside Your Audiology/ENT Practice
Presented by Richard E. Gans, Ph.D.