Over 300 people attended the 5th annual Sarasota Hearing Loss Expo on March 5, 2016

This is the second year that I have attended the Sarasota Hearing Loss Expo. I had fun and met a lot of interesting people who struggle with hearing loss and/or are challenged to help other people conquer hearing loss.

There were over 40 vendors who shared new technologies and services to people who suffer from hearing loss. Cochlear implant companies Med-El and Advanced Bionics did a very interesting seminar. The Widex Hearing Aid Company was also present as well as 37 other companies who fill niches to help people with hearing loss.

During this event I announced the HLA of Florida’s new website project and solicited potential sponsors for donations. This new website will advocate for people with hearing loss as well as educate them and their families. People can donate at www.hla-fl.org . I encourage people with hearing loss to join the Hearing Loss Association of America and your local chapter. They provide a wealth of information and support to those who suffer from hearing loss.

Kudos to the Sarasota chapter of HLA for an extremely successful event. I look for forward to attending next year