Check out General Session Speaker Phil M. Jones at the 2017 Florida Academy of Audiology Convention!

Forward to Basics – Navigating the Future: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Practices around the world can often get bogged down in the bureaucracy, distracted by the details or just fail to gain the success they are capable of because their experience or existing habits are preventing them from seeing the obvious that is right in front of them.

True genius can appear as complete common sense and you can often wonder why you failed to think of it before…

This action-packed and high energy session challenges you to look at how you currently run your practice and expect to be constantly questioning your own methods as Phil helps you realize just how much success you are leaving behind.

Whether a seasoned practice owner or someone brand new to the industry– every participant is guaranteed to leave feeling inspired, motivated and with a list of precise actions ready to start work on.

This is not just about what do, it is also, how to do it.

Expect Phil’s experience to shine through as he eloquently and effortlessly demystifies some of the most challenging scenarios and has even the most experienced team member reassuringly nodding along and scribbling notes to put into practice.

Phil puts his success down to one main philosophy – to do the basics, to a high standard, consistently. Sharing in the presentation guarantees your audience the skills they require, the confidence to implement and the motivation to take massive action as they step towards their heightened success.

About Phil M. Jones:

Best-selling author, multiple award-winner and commonly referred to as the “World’s Leading Sales Trainer”, Phil M Jones’ cheeky English chap persona will be sure to put a smile on your face.

From training more than two million people worldwide to coaching some of the biggest brands in the world – Phil’s mission to “teach the world to sell” has resulted in his expertise being globally recognised.

Understanding behaviour, he’s able to use his infectious thought-provoking style of delivery to make long-lasting change by re-wiring beliefs and instilling what he refers to as his “Magic Words”.

By teaching audiences how to use particular word patterns and showing them exactly what to say in order to work around difficult situations, Phil’s able to help non-sales people to increase their activity and have more of the right conversations to generate more of the right outcomes.

Having won multiple awards including the prestigious Sales Trainer of the Year in 2013 – Phil’s written a series of best-selling books and has a number of online training programs that have enrolled tens of thousands of members.

From working with small business owners that are looking to increase sales to leverage their livelihood to globally recognised companies that want to drive more activity from their staff – Phil’s unique skill set allows him to serve a vast mix of people with entirely different goals.

Phil now travels the world, speaking to audiences in all corners of the globe – to date; he’s spoken in 56 different countries across five continents and with his growing popularity, he’s expected to add many more to his roster.