FLAA Legislative Alert: Thursday’s Hearing on SB 700 Amendment 172640

Thank you to everyone for doing an excellent job of contacting your legislators regarding all of our recent activities.  Your help has been vital to our success and it has been noticed by the legislators!

We are writing again to request assistance – this time for SB 700 Amendment 172640.  We are in FAVOR!  Please write to the legislators of the committee TODAY to PASS this amendment.

Please see below for a sample e-mail for your use.

Thank you again for your continued support.  There is strength in numbers and we simply couldn’t do this without you!!!

To Personalize the Emails: The Representatives on this list care about and have helped children with hearing loss in the past. After introducing yourself, please thank them for their past support. The remainder of the sample below can be pasted with your opening statement or customized. (Please keep TFisk@DeafKidsCan.org in the email block. It helps us with follow-up to have an idea of the email traffic to the legislators).

Sample email and addresses for contacting Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services – Email Block (Commas for Most Email Servers): bean.aaron@flsenate.govrodriguez.anamaria@flsenate.govbook.lauren.web@flsenate.govbrodeur.jason@flsenate.govburgess.danny@flsenate.govdiaz.manny@flsenate.govfarmer.gary@flsenate.govHarrell.Gayle@flsenate.govjones.shevrin@flsenate.govrodrigues.ray.web@flsenate.govrouson.darryl@flsenate.govTFisk@deafkidscan.org

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services – Email Block (Semicolons for Microsoft Outlook): bean.aaron@flsenate.govrodriguez.anamaria@flsenate.govbook.lauren.web@flsenate.govbrodeur.jason@flsenate.govburgess.danny@flsenate.govdiaz.manny@flsenate.govfarmer.gary@flsenate.govHarrell.Gayle@flsenate.govjones.shevrin@flsenate.govrodrigues.ray.web@flsenate.govrouson.darryl@flsenate.govTFisk@deafkidscan.org

Subject: Vote Yes on S 700 Amendment 172640

Dear Senator,

This letter is written in support of S 700 Amendment 172640. PERSONALIZE HERE

Audiologists care about doing what is right for Floridians with hearing loss and we believe you do too. By passing Amendment 172640, you would maintain the consumer protections that are in place to prevent predatory practices against our most vulnerable populations, including children and the elderly. The addition of the amendment ensures that people with hearing loss will receive the evaluations necessary prior to the purchase of a prescribed hearing aid and the fitting necessary to verify that the prescribed hearing aid is doing what it is intended to do. Thank you for caring about the people we care for everyday!

I unequivocally support Amendment 172640. Please vote YES on this amendment.