FLAA Legislative Alert: Today’s Hearing Outcome on HB 957

HB 957 Substitution Bill Passes First Committee (9 yay – 7 nay)

While the passing of HB 957’s substitution bill today was not what we had wanted, there was much to take away from the hearing. We were able to hear the debate, questions, and concerns related to the bill from the legislators’ viewpoint. What is important is that we take what we learned and move forward. There is more work that can and will be done related to this bill.

You are making the difference – your calls and emails were highly noticed and have been mentioned numerous times. The legislators graciously gave the bill more time for debate and speakers than any other bill heard in their committee today. Your communications have clearly piqued their interest in this very important topic.

Thank you for all of your efforts thus far and we ask that you please stay ready to respond when called upon.