Florida Academy of Audiology Spotlights Widex, a 2016 Sponsor and Inventor of the UNIQUE family of Hearing Aids

What kinds of products/services does your company offer?
At Widex we strive to provide the best hearing aids and customer service and the most advanced and natural sound on the market. Helping people hear is our business.

Who should I contact at your company for more information?
Please call Customer Care at 1.800.221.0188 or log onto our website www.widexusa.com

Please tell us one thing that could be considered “Recent News” for your company.
We are proud to feature the UNIQUE family of hearing aids that capture, purify and process more sound than any other hearing aid. Our full line of DEX listening devices also let people connect and communicate easily – like our new COM-DEX app for smart phones and the Apple Watch.

In keeping with this year’s Convention theme, please tell us what you feel is the biggest “force of the future” for audiology.
Consumer desire driven changes in distribution method (ease of obtaining technology and assistance) will continue to push independent clinicians to be more flexible, more creative, and more pro-active. I think it’s imperative for independent practices to diversify, maximize their skill sets, and improve their breadth of knowledge in use of associated technologies & apps applicable to client education and practice branding & marketing.

Please provide company web site, Facebook, Twitter etc.
Website – www.widexusa.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/WIDEX-USA/366432549565
Twitter – https://twitter.com/widex