HLAA – Florida Surprise and Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible Campaign!

JOIN OUR 2017 Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible Campaign!

Hearing loss and Deaf individuals of all ages are able to communicate and “hear” better than ever in the hearing world today.

There are various means by which to communicate and “hear”. It is an individual choice as to what works best with no two hearing loss stories being the same. Regardless, there are many asking about hearing loss and their options today.

This is your chance for hearing and hearing loss alike to join us in the 2017 Let’s Make Hearing Loss Visible in Florida Campaign. Various hearing loss factors will be addressed over the next twelve months to discuss and share as noted below.

  • January: CART, Looping and T-coils! Share your stories!
  • February: Lip Reading and Sign Language
  • March: Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids
  • April: Legislative Outreach
  • May: Hearing Loss Awareness Month
  • June: National HLAA and the 2017 HLAA Convention
  • July: Protect Your Ears so You Can Hear!
  • August: Alternate Hearing Loss Venue Outreach and Appreciation
  • September: Assisted Listening Devices
  • October: Hearing Loss Volunteer Outreach
  • November: Holiday’s and Hearing Loss/Walk4Hearing!
  • December: Blessings and Sharing – Giving Back this Holiday

Everyone is welcome to share material, stories, pictures, videos, reviews and more as it relates to the respective topic of the month. Or simply stay tuned and visit the hlaa-fl.org website to learn more.

Approved material will be displayed on the HLAA-Florida website, facebook page and via the newsletter. Chapters and Support Groups, HLAA members and others will have the option to share this valuable information in their respective communities throughout Florida. Together, we can make a difference!

Click here today and share: hlaaflorida@yahoo.com.

Stories Shared and Posted on the New Florida Hearing Loss Website for Your Consideration:

Hearing Loss Does Not Define Me (Part 1)
By Oscar Segal, President, South Palm Beach County Chapter, HLAA Author’s Note: I felt compelled to write this because of something that happened to me that started me thinking about my self-image; about who I am, and how I possibly am perceived by others. A group of us were socializing one evening when the conversation… Read more »

After My Cochlear Implant, They say “Oh Darn I can’t Talk Behind Your Back”
Debbe Hagner, Cochlear Implant Recipient. I have had a severe to profound hearing loss most of my life. It has been over one year since I got the cochlear implant to recover my ability to hear. I have heard many people tell me “Oh darn, I can’t talk behind your back.” I often wonder- how… Read more »

Movie Making Hearing Loss Fun!
Assistive Listening devices are available for all movies, where possible. These devices will allow hearing loss people to either amplify sound or have some form of closed caption to “read”, or follow the dialogue as to what is being said throughout the movie. As many of you might be aware, not all movies offer such… Read more »

Shaking the HLAA Convention up for 2017!

Chapter Officers can Register at Discounted Rate!
Hearing Loss Association of America and HLAA-Florida State Association extend an invitation to YOU in joining people with hearing loss to share in educational workshops, a trade show with the latest hearing technology, and social events. Make plans to attend this special event today. … Read more »

JOAN ANDREWS 2017 HLAA Convention Scholarship
Joan Andrews Convention Scholarship applicants are now being accepted. Share with your Chapter and Support Group members and friends. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, February 28, 2017.
HLAA-Florida State Association would like to thank Joan Andrews daughters for their continued support of this very special scholarship in memory of her mother. Joan Andrews was a true hearing loss advocate who was ahead of her Read more »

2017 State Board Meetings

The Lakeland Speech and Hearing Center graciously agreed to support the HLAA-FL State Association meetings through 2017 free of charge. The high tech meeting room comes complete with loop and screens on both sides of meeting area for CART.

Guests are welcome from 1:30 to 3:00. Please email in advance should you wish to attend. For those further away, the State Association is working to identify options to allow others to engage from around the state without having to travel. Until that time, please notify the State Board of any questions, suggestions or request to present something to the Board by way of email to hlaaflorida@yahoo.com Thank you in advance for your continued support. May 2017 be the year Florida can hear about hearing loss!

2017 Meeting Dates
February 4th
April 29th
August 19th
October 28th