Insurance Coverage Hearing Aid Bill (HB 125) Committee Assignment A Message from FLAA’s VP of Government Relations

Dear FLAA Members,

The Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids for Children bill (HB 125) has been assigned to its first committee, the Health Market Reform Subcommittee.

Please email and/or call the representatives on this committee to show them your support! Below is an address block that you can cut and paste to send the email as well as example text you can use if you’d like. Feel free to write about your own experiences and the importance of this bill to you.

For more information on the bill, please visit:

Thank you for your support and advocacy efforts!

Julia Andrews
FLAA VP of Government Relations;;;;;

Subject: House Bill 125

Members of Health Market Reform,

Children with hearing loss need your help. In order for these children to be independent, educated, working adults, they must develop language in their early years. For families pursuing spoken language, their children must have access to sound. Without that access, neural pathways are lost along with the opportunity to develop listening and spoken language.

Most health insurance companies do not cover pediatric hearing aids despite their medical necessity. Although pediatric hearing aids are covered by Medicaid, working families whose income is too high for public benefits are left struggling to provide these needed devices for their children.

Please hear and support HB 125 Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids for Children in Health Reform. Florida’s children with hearing loss can thrive, but they need your help!

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