This Student’s Path to Become an Audiologist

I grew up with an audiologist as a mom. Each year I eagerly looked forward to take your child to work day, mostly for a day off from school. At some point, however, my interest moved past a day of snacks and movies to thinking audiology was pretty cool…and architecture…and being a rockstar (the list goes on).

I quickly realized perhaps I should be a rockstar within the comfort of my own home. And my design talent? Non-existent. I started wondering, was I really interested in audiology? My high school self said no! I could not enjoy the same thing as my mom! But I was continuously drawn back to it. Helping people hear and improving not only a patient’s quality of life, but their families’ was something I could not ignore. My junior year of high I found myself working in an audiology clinic. From there I continued to University of South Florida where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders and applied to USF’s Doctor of Audiology program and was (thankfully) accepted!

Now I am so grateful I did not listen to my high school ego and pursued a career in audiology. It may be a difficult journey at times, but in the end is worth the effort for the ability to make a difference in someone’s life.