Senate Bill 572 Update – “WE HAVE A HEARING ON MONDAY!!!


The last legislation regarding required insurance coverage passed over 10 years ago and the group lobbied for 13 years! Getting this hearing in the second year is a HUGE deal. There are still things to be worked out in order for the bill to have a chance of full passage, but we need a very strong showing of support right now.

  1. Please email the committee TODAY and ask your contacts to do the same (any family/friends/patients that live in Florida).An email block is below with a sample. Please add your own story to the sample text, if you have one. Otherwise, just send the sample along with your Florida contact info (ideally your full name and home address).
  1. If you know anyone that is able to attend the hearing in Tallahassee at 4pm on Monday to “waive in support,” please email Terri

As a reference, here is a link to the bill which shows who is sponsoring it and the committees it has been assigned to: .  There is a pdf link on this site that has the full bill language.

Email Block and Sample To:,

Members of Senate Banking and Insurance,

Thank you for hearing Senate Bill 572. This hearing is a crucial step in opening the conversation for a solution to children’s access to hearing aids in Florida. Please support Florida’s children who have hearing loss with a “yes” vote for 572: Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids for Children. “