Spotlight on Tampa Bay Audiologist Angela Schenk Au.D. helping people hear at

Angela Schenk Au.D., Gardner Audiologist

What university did you attend for graduate school and what year did you graduate? M.A. University of Tennessee, 1998, Au.D.  A. T. Still 2005

Where do you currently work and what are your specialties? I currently work in at Gardner Audiology, a private practice in the Tampa bay Area…  I help Gardner patients and also perform contract work with two Ear, Nose and Throat physicians as well. I specialize in adult diagnostics, hearing aid fittings and re-habilitation.

Why did you become an audiologist? I have always known I wanted to help people.  Initially thinking I would go into nursing, I moved to Speech then Audiology after my Intro to Audiology course in college, I found my passion. I loved the science behind the ear and the idea of working with all age ranges.

What is your favorite part of Audiology? I love the connections I make with my patients.  I enjoy their stories of how much their hearing has improved and their re-connections with family and friends. I’m a talker, so I love the interactions I have with my patients.

Why did you join FLAA? I joined FLAA to be a part of the local network of Audiologists looking to improve our patients’ quality of life our profession.  It allows me to network with others with differing specialties allowing me to grow professionally.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? In my free time, my family goes to Universal in Orlando (a lot of pass holders), the beach, we enjoy traveling and I love to read.

How can people contact you? You can schedule a consultation with me by calling 1-800-277-1182 or visiting the website.

Side Notes: Angela’s 6 year old son recently had a bone anchored hearing aid implanted. She is reporting his progress. Visit this link for an update: